Shaping The Future

DANILODASILVA.ORG is a private owned website dedicated to members of the 1G, MICROMZ, C&N and DDS, as much as some of the content of the site can be accessed publicly, it’s main goal is to be a house for members only. The services and products here presented are strictly to our members and not to the public in general.

The DDS International Group is a global business with presence in 12 countries, 27 representations and 168 partnerships.

Founded by Danilo Da Silva in 1999 as 1G International then a Science and Technology company, it had two major transformations, one in 2010 when the business changed its focus to African Development, turning its efforts to rural, youth and woman empowerment through micro finance and agricultural projects in the Southern African Region, at this stage 1G became a project of the MICROMZ Group a strong financial institution with presence in Mozambique, South Africa and Kenya.

The second transformation was in 2015 when Danilo Da Silva Pty Ltd became a reality, a merger of five successful global businesses. At this stage members and partners agreed to name the institution after it's founder!

Shaping The Future is a moto we live by!