Shaping The Future

Dr. Danilo Da Silva, PhD (DON)

Visionary, Founder and Chairperson of the DDS International Group.

Danilo Da Silva is also the founder and shareholder of other 13 businesses around the globe. Currently focused on financial services that can make trade, savings and purchases easy, safe, and secure.

Being in the leadership of the DDS Group and its subsidiaries seems easy when you do it with passion but, is a seat that only one with great understanding of the moto behind the idea can real hold to it.

D Da Silva, has always made of his businesses a combination of practicality and affordability, focus and fun, it sounds and looks complicated to combine those and still have the desired results. Well at DDS it works!

The friendly and funny character allows Don D to enjoy even the most difficult moments of his professional and personal life.

“I don’t just celebrate the achievements! I have joy in every stage of the process…” DDS!