Shaping The Future

Danilo Da Silva has been involved in several projects, most of these projects are implemented by the 1G Group and the MICROMZ.

With a team of young, trained, experienced and professional personnel's, the MICROMZ assists Micro Finance institutions, Research and Supports Organizations in Rural Areas and Agribusiness. 

Leading in and supply of management systems to the microfinance sector, NGOs, and public companies to promote and boost rural development in southern Africa.

MICROMZ are specialists in computer systems for portfolio management, accounting, human resources, budgets, and other procedures. In Mozambique, we lead the market in the management of the microfinance sector, with a widely used package, TEUPÚ. 

We are proud to boost and contribute significantly to the rapid and sustainable development of the community and underprivileged strata, with a special focus on rural and sub-urban areas, teenage, adolescent and women empowerment. 


Feeding the needy in no way helps if this food is not continuous, safe and sustainable.

When we created the MICRO CRIAR project, Danilo Da Silva always mentioned that self sustainability, continuity and progress should be the main priorities.

MICRO CREATE is a project of the community and for the communities, its sustainable and capable of being replicated in different regions of the Southern African Region

The primary objective of the MICRO CRIAR project is to develop in the Nhantchenje area an integration of fish production in captivity that is environmentally and socially accepted. With an inclusion plan for creation, monitoring and processing on land, composed of breeding tanks and the growth of alvinos, processing room, warehouses; accommodation for the project staff, cooling facilities and an administrative building, as well as a component on the lake, composed of floating tanks for the development of the alvinos.

With an initial investment of US $ 2,000,000.00 (Two million American Dollars), for the implementation of the project, it provides for the development of infrastructures to support the project (housing, processing room, refrigeration, access improvement, implantation of water and electricity supply and multiple use workshop), production infrastructures (tanks on land and floating cages), purchase of feed and other useful components for fish farming.


Women's Development Fund 

For the development and empowerment of African Women and Young adolescent women.

Through the promotion of poultry and agricultural production, the dissemination of the Law against domestic violence and its rights in the community.

Food Security

WDF is working to increase food security in urban and rural areas. WDF is currently seeking partners to efficiently support communities to promote agro and livestock activities. In this context, we have created easy access to information and training, the main objective of the institution in this project is to ensure that farmers have access to tools that can help make the best decisions about their activities.

The WDF promotes training in agricultural associations.

Specific Objectives

  • Set up an irrigation system to an extent of 20.000ha

  • Support 100,000 women in food production, including 40,000 student girls age 18-25, 60,000 young adult mothers and women.

  • Train 80,000 women and young adult women in the rural areas. In value chain, financial education, accounting, health education, keep them informed about their basic human rights and prevent them from domestic violence within the community.

Main activities we are busy with

  • Opening 100 water holes

  • 20,000 ha irrigation system

  • Building a vegetable processing centre

  • Building 5 pavilions with a capacity for 15,000 to 20,000 chicken chicks

  • Construction of 10 slaughterhouse

  • Equipping halls and slaughterhouse with new technologies



Single Window for Rural Development

Project aimed at supporting the microfinance sector in Mozambique and Africa, providing the supply of products and services on a single stop, in the same way a central of technical assistance, consultancy and support in decision-making in acquisition is placed at the disposal of the sector products and services, as well as the choice of suppliers.

MICROMZ, through the 1Grito project, created a group of 12 professionals, divided into 4 teams that will travel through Mozambique for 12 months and visit a total of 60 microfinance institutions, in this process the installation of portfolio management, accounting and digitized human resources, the installation of low-cost media, consultancy and training of human resources, seminars, lectures and other tools to benefit this sector, which have more than 40% in the impact of rural and female development in Mozambique.

With the technical assistance centre, the project will be available 24/7, in order to guarantee the full functioning of the installed systems.


The impact of this project is clear, with digitized systems in the micro finance sector it is expected to increase the level of access to financial services in rural areas, in the same way revenues will be increased which will culminate in the expansion of services, thus requiring more human resources. and more circulating means, thus benefiting all those involved in this process.


The primary objective of this project is to provide significant support to the microfinance sector in Mozambique, this sector has the greatest potential to help rural and suburban areas, so it is in our interest to support it in order to achieve rapid and accelerated development of the same.

It is in our interest to eliminate the cost of acquiring management systems in the microfinance sector, significantly reducing communication costs.

MICROMZ believes that with this project, donors and investors that support the sector will be able to have reports according to their requirements and with greater reliability and transparency.


It is our mission to digitize all the departments and activities of the more than 200 microfinance institutions registered with the Bank of Mozambique, it is also a priority of the project to train the management and human resources of these institutions in order to guarantee a solid, responsible and rapid growth.

With this project we will make available to the micro finance sector tools and useful means for an accelerated production of results.


We want to be the pioneers and main milestone for rural development in Mozambique 

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PLANTAR (plantation) is a project by Danilo Da Silva, with the objective of sustainably supporting the agriculture sector and small projects in less privileged communities and in accordance with rural development and the promotion of environmental protection and financial inclusion for communities in less favourable areas.

The project started in July 2013, with a self investment of US$110,000.00 (One hundred and Ten Thousand American Dollars). With the need to grow the MICROMZ approached by some institutions in January 2014; the main objective was to obtain more knowledge about the activities to be carried out, and understand the technological and financial support needed.

In the project, we support communities with low interest rate loans disbursed and repaid in instalments; the project also supports these communities with technological systems that allow them to help them with weather forecasting, soil tests and advice on the best crops to plant in specific areas and in a suitable season.

Currently the main partners are the MICROMZ in Mozambique and the C&N in South Africa, were through the 1Grito project it benefits from a micro finance management software that includes accounting tools and human resources, a mobile solution for farmers to be able to control their plantations, manage their finances and manage their sales. From the same partners also benefits from training in loans and guarantee management, customer services, human resources management and internal procedures.

From this training we were able to have our procedures manual (financial and operational), to date, we have benefited. technical support of the systems in use.


The main objective of the planting project is to reduce the risk for farmers and ensure that the financier can have the desired return in order to accelerate rural development.

The project was designed by Danilo Da Silva and allows the farmer to have access to information in his local language.

With climate information, soil conditions, market trends and financial access, we see no possibility for agribusiness to fail in the areas where we hope to operate.

Microcredit is recognized as a factor that contributes to development.

Its concession must take into account the characteristics of the activity to be carried out and must use appropriate technology so that factors such as term, interest rates, profile of the borrower, etc. are taken into account when analysing and granting a loan.

By guaranteeing access to financial resources, MICROMZ encourages the productive activities and social relationships of the most needy populations, thus generating occupation, employment and income.

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