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DDS Financial Services

Trade We have one of the best platforms for Trade CFD on Shares, Indices, Forex, Commodities, Options and Cryptocurrencies

Investments - We coordinante investments around the globe, in certain cases we directly invest on projects that attracts our team

Financial Instruments - We are providers and monitizers of financial instruments (BG - Bank Guarantees, SBLC - Stand By Letter of Credit...), with full Know Your Client structure. Available option are purchese, lease and partnerships.

Transfer and Payment Solutions  We have built a great network of payment solutions that we certainly can say that we are able to receive and send funds from and to anywhere in the Globe, a global solution that allows clients to send and receive money from any currency including crypto and wallets.

We are one of the few institutions that can convert from online wallets to a bank account, from wallets to cryptocurrency, and vice versa.

Surely, we are the first to facilitate purchases and sales with the most popular Wallets, eWallets, Crypto’s and even cash.

Reliable sender and receiver of:

1.      Wallets

a.      RIA

b.      PayPal

c.      TransFast

d.      MoneyGram

e.      Western Union

2.      Transfers and Payments

a.      TransferWise

b.      XE

3.      Crypto

a.      Bitcoin (BTC & BCH)

b.      Ethereum

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